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We are excited to announce our collaboration with Jerusalem sensation, The Jerusalem Scribe. Each season will release a new LIMITED EDITION design created by Kalman!
ONLY 18 Netillah Cups with this Beautiful Limited Edition Design. Purchase yours today!

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Meet Kalman, The Jerusalem Scribe

Hi, I’m Kalman Gavriel

I bring forth the wisdom and beauty of the ancient Hebrew language with my artwork. I create meaningful pieces with the traditional scribal tools such as quills, parchment, and ink while incorporating modern mediums such as color, negative space, and shape.
I’ve always had a passion for understanding the depth and meaning behind the Hebrew letters. When I finished my IDF service as a paratrooper, I knew I had a calling as a scribe and as an artist.

Over time I began to see the letters as a form of art, to use their spiritual power to create a bond between people, art, and ancient texts. I began collaborating with local artists, running workshops, and educating myself about scribes, the meaning behind the Hebrew language, and its history.

My studio is in the Old City of Jerusalem. I gain inspiration from the city, its history, and its inhabitants, and their spirit is reflected in my artwork.

Weight 23.04 oz
Dimensions 16.51 × 16.51 × 13.31 cm
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