from our Rabbi’s

Many of our great rabbi’s share how they too have been performing the mitzvah of netillah with a copper cup for years and share stories of the yeshuot and miracles they’ve seen through the use of a copper netillah cup.

It is with the help and endorsement of our Rabbi’s that we are honored to have the opportunity to bring back awareness of the untapped power of using a 100% Pure Copper Netillah cup.

A Mitzvah for Life

The mitzvah was established as a means to spiritually and physically cleanse a person from the impurity that occurs during the night time when one sleeps.

Praise for Netillah

Our great Rabbi’s from Israel and abroad have shared praises about elevating and beautifying the important mitzvah of netillah.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

“I wish you blessing and success.”
The Rav asked his grandson to dip the cup without a blessing.

Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger

“Using a copper cup for netillah beautifies and elevates the mitzvah and brings blessing into a person’s life.”

More Praise from our Rabbis

“You should have a great deal of success. I personally wash with a copper netillah cup.”

“I bless and recommend this endeavor with great warmth and happiness. Blessed are you for meriting to bring this to the nation of Israel.”

“You are involved in something extremely important for the nation of Israel - purity.”

“Copper has a vast amount of benefits. It is appropriate and preferable for every Jew to wash solely with copper.”

“It is truly a great light that you have merited to spread this in this generation to the people of Israel.”

“Now I feel as though I am starting to truly fulfill the mitzvah of netillah...”

Netillah is proudly endorsed and approved by

שר התורה גר״ח קנייבסקי שליט״א
הרב מרדכי שיינברגר שליט״א
הרה״ג בניהו שמואלי שליט״א
הרב יגאל כהן שליט״א
הרב מרדכי שריקי שליט״א
הרב פנחס כהן שליט״א
הרב אליהו נטף שליט״א

Copper in and of itself is healing and purifying. So too is the mitzvah of netillah. Let us return to the original source of purity and begin to once again use a pure copper cup for netillah so that we can fulfill the mitzvah with an ultimate level of happiness and purity.

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