Netillah Classic (without engraving)


Elevate your mitzvah with our 100% Pure Copper Netillah cup. Makes for a perfect gift for yourself and loved ones!Netillah is more than just a product. It’s a spiritual tool bound to fill your life with abundance. Performing the mitzvah of Netillah is known to bring a myriad of benefits into a person’s life.Torah and Kabbalah state that copper has mystical qualities associated with good health, fertility, livelihood, and purity.

Weight 23.04 oz
Dimensions 16.51 × 16.51 × 13.31 cm
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Take the mitzvah of Netillah to the next level with our 100% Pure Copper Netillah cup and begin to fulfill the mitzvah with an ultimate level of happiness and purity. A Gift for Life. A Mitzvah for Life. Purity Begins Here.

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