Rabbi Lazer Brody - Purim and Netillah: The Connection

The Connection Between Purim and Netillah

Tune in as Rabbi Lazer Brody truly WOWS with an incredible class bound to inspire you to infuse more meaning into the mitzvah of Netillah.

About Rabbi Lazer Brody

Rabbi Lazer Brody was born in Washington, D.C. in 1949. A graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park where he studied agriculture. He moved to Israel in 1970 and joined the Israel Defense Forces. He spent 19 years in regular and reserve-army combat service before becoming a military chaplain. He held this position until his discharge from the IDF after 29 years of service.

A graduate of the Aish HaTora rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem, Rabbi Brody holds rabbinical ordinations from Rabbi Noach Weinberg osb"m of Aish HaTora in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzchak Kulitz osb"m Head Rabbi of Jerusalem, Dayan Natan Kupschitz shlit'a from Jerusalem, and Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlit'a from Jerusalem.

Author of "The Trail to Tranquility", "The Path to Your Peak" and many other books in Hebrew and English, Rabbi Brody is also the English translator of the worldwide best-selling "Garden of Emuna," "Garden of Peace" and "Garden of Gratitude". Dubbed "The Voice of Emuna" by Israel National Radio and a former show host there, he is a sought-after inspirational and motivational speaker. He speaks to audiences of all backgrounds, both in Israel and abroad, as well as a renowned spiritual guide and life coach.

In addition to his rich background as a soldier, farmer, rabbi and spiritual guide, he is a certified personal fitness trainer and health coach with ACCT and ExpertRating certifications, with a unique holistic approach to health of body, mind and soul.

"Lazer Beams," Rabbi Brody's award-winning daily web journal that has been on the web for over a decade and a half, has now morphed into "Emuna Beams", built around his podcast of emuna and encouragement that people around the globe enjoy daily. 


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The Story Behind Netillah

The Story Behind Netillah

About 2 years ago, my cousin in Israel Binyamin Israel approached his Rabbi with hopes he could give him some direction as he was having a lot of trouble with parnassah. The Rabbi told my cousin to focus on the mitzvah of netillah. My cousin explained that he already performs the mitzvah of netillah with care. The Rabbi explained to him to perform the mitzvah with a 100% pure copper.


Binyamin went ahead to try and find a 100% copper cup but most of what he found was simply copper plated or in some case the inside was lined with gloss, which would prevent the copper from touching the water. The few copper cups he did find were extremely expensive, upwards of $280 and so he decided to make his own cup. As he began performing the mitzvah he started searching as to the reason behind the use of copper and lo and behold he began finding source after source citing the significance of copper throughout the generations.

It was then that Binyamin decided it was time to share his new found knowledge with others and bring back the copper cup to Am Yisrael. When Binyamin approached me about this, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to not only bring these important teachings to those who are already performing the mitzvah of Netillah but to also have the opportunity to inform those who don’t perform the mitzvah. The mitzvah of netillah is a true gift given to us with the potential to unleash a tremendous amount of beracha. Imagine if we could bring a pure copper cup into the homes of each and every house within Am Yisrael; imagine the yeshuot!

Our Netillah cup isn’t simply a product, it’s a spiritual vessel. A Gift for Life. A Mitzvah for Life.