The Benefits of Drinking From A Pure Copper Cup

Copper Cups and Their Benefits

Copper cups have become all the rage. But, why? What makes copper mugs so desirable? In today’s consumer market, it is hard to tell if something is a trend just because it looks nice, or if it actually is better for you. We are here to tell you that pure copper cups have a plethora of benefits which attributes to there sudden, and rapid popularity.
In this blog, we will discuss some of the many benefits of owning a pure copper cup. Best of all, you can find one of these cups on our website linked here.


Everyone knows the look of a classic copper mug. Most, however, see a copper mug and associate it with an alcoholic beverage. Moscow Mules are commonly drunk from copper mugs. The reason for this is often attributed to copper’s ability to take in temperature. Copper is a great conductor of heat and is also a wonderful thermal conductor. Though copper is can take in heat well, it also is susceptible to cold as well. Typically Moscow Mules are placed in these cups for their ability to amplify the temperature of the ice in the glass. After all, who doesn’t like a cool, refreshing drink?

Water Purification

Pure copper cups are a great item to own because they have purification qualities. When you drink from a pure copper cup, the metal helps extract bacteria and other impurities from common drinking water. Most tap water will have antimicrobial properties in it, copper helps remove these impurities and allows you to drink more purified beverages. Even if you purchase a copper cup to drink non-alcoholic beverages, the copper material still offers you added benefits.

Taste Benefits

Though this might be a more suggestive benefit, some have claimed that copper mugs improve the taste of certain beverages. For those who drink alcoholic beverages out of copper cups, it has been claimed that the flavor of vodka is enhanced in a copper mug. But, how? Luckily, science is able to answer this question and make this claim seek not so far-fetched. Experts have said that when alcohol is placed into a copper cup, the copper begins to immediately oxidize. The chemical reaction then enhances the aroma and taste of the liquor. This is yet another reason why Moscow Mules are commonly served in pure copper cups.

Religious Ceremonies

Copper cups also have religious value as well. In the Judaism, there is a ceremony called netilat-yadayim, also known as “washing of the hands.” This ceremony is used before and after major religious prayers and meals, as well as early in the morning. The ceremonial washing of the hand will typically include a copper mug with two handles. According to the Book of Moses, it is mentioned that Moses washes his hands in a copper basin before approaching Hashem (G-d). Because of this, copper is recognized as a pure material to enable enrichment and purification ceremonies.

Netillah Pure Copper Cups

At Netillah, we specialize in providing our customers with pure copper cups to aid in their religious ceremonies. Our double-handled cups are perfect for any washing ceremony and is a great gift to give anyone in your family or friend group. Contact our business for more details and shop our store today.